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Bandai Namco Network Services offers specialized support across a broad range of the Bandai Namco Group's business endeavors.
Beginning with mobile game-related services, we have expanded to gather, cultivate, and capitalize upon all manner of skills and expertise whose applications reach far beyond the games industry.


Business Services Expansion

The business services we offer are constantly evolving to meet the needs of businesses that connect to customers.

  • Management of Smartphone Games

    We provide development and operational services for many smartphone and consumer games offered around the world by Bandai Namco Entertainment.

  • Digital Marketing

    We handle digital marketing for Bandai Namco Group mobile apps, products and services. We manage advertising across multiple mediums such as video, live streaming, owned media, web-based, social media, and online outlets.

  • Distribution of Smartphone Apps

    We distribute many smartphone apps offered around the world by the Bandai Namco Group.

  • Localization

    We offer region-specific localization services for an array of business endeavors, with a focus on the mobile games distributed worldwide by the Bandai Namco Group as well as other products and services they provide.

  • Engineering

    With a wealth of experience in technology and data analysis behind us, we provide engineering support for a wide range of online content, including mobile games, managed by the Bandai Namco Group, serving customers the world over.

Greetings from the CEO WHAT WE AIM FOR

  • 2022 Greetings From the CEO
  • 2018 Greetings From the CEO

While focusing on support services for mobile gaming, Bandai Namco Network Services has turned its hand to projects in multiple industries since its foundation in October 2018.During that time, the world we live in and the needs of the customers we serve have changed rapidly. Our company has evolved and broadened its scope in response.

The global effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, in particular, gave us added impetus to question the status quo.

"Does this belief accurately reflect reality?" "Are we doing things this way just because it's what we've always done?" "Did I reach this conclusion myself, or am I parroting someone else's opinions?"

That process of reflection has strengthened my belief about one thing in particular, which is the crucial role of entertainment in the world.

During the pandemic, I reread a book by the comedian Ken Shimura and came across these lines:

"Laughter is what separates humans from other animals.
Laughing till our ribs ache offers us an escape from life's pain and hardship.
In fact, I'll go further: people can't live without laughter.
I think that's something worth cherishing."

—Ken Shimura, Hen na Ojisan, Kanzenban (Tokyo: Shinchosha Publishing Co, Ltd., 2002; BNNS translation), p. 181

It was an important reminder for me, as someone working in the entertainment industry today.

Starting in 2022, the Bandai Namco Group’s new purpose is to create "Fun for All into the Future". As a group, we intend to further develop our entertainment business, helping to build a future founded on connections between people, societies, and the world.
We want Bandai Namco Network Services to be a cornerstone of that interconnected future. Through our contributions to the industry, we hope that when people look back on this time, they'll think, " Bandai Namco really lifted my spirits back then."

President & CEO Takayuki Ikeda

President & CEO Takayuki Ikeda President & CEO Takayuki Ikeda

Bandai Namco Network Services (BNNS) is a company split-off from Bandai Namco Entertainment.It employs professional experts who best understand the business of the Bandai Namco Group's expansion into various forms of play.

Bandai Namco Group currently offers play to customers across the world. These customers have changing needs and are constantly demanding new experiences. Drawing on past business experiences,we strongly felt that in order to answer these needs we needed to pursue more in depth services in regards to the specialized functions of language, technology, and product servic operations from Bandai Namco Group's point of view.

We call these services that can move broadly alongside such business needs, "business services". It is our mission to improve these.

At BNNS, we work tirelessly in order to provide the Bandai Namco Group's companies with new valuable business services that help them discover new ways of working, and also using these services to provide customers around the world with high-quality forms of play.

President & CEO Takayuki Ikeda

President & CEO Takayuki Ikeda President & CEO Takayuki Ikeda

Company Overview ABOUT US

Corporate Name Bandai Namco Network Services Inc.
Address 108-0014
5-37-8 Shiba, Minato-ku, Tokyo Bandai Namco Mirai-Kenkyusho
Date Founded 2018/10/1
Activities Operation, delivery, and localization of content on network services as well as technical support.
Capital 10 million JPY
(100% invested by Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc.)
Shareholder Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc.
President & CEO Takayuki Ikeda
Director (part-time) Toru Konno
Auditor (part-time) Matthew Datum
Employees 126 (as of April 2023)
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Access Approx. 2 minutes on foot from the A2 Exit of Mita Station on the Toei Subway Asakusa Line and Mita Line.
Approx. 5 minutes on foot from the Mita (West) Exit of Tamachi Station on the JR Yamanote Line and Keihin-Tohoku Line.